Luxury Soft Teddy Bear Keepsake Gift Basket


A plush baby giraffe within a Gift Box is the perfect gift for a baby shower, new mothers and fathers, or any other special occasion. The grade of the materials and quality are high quality, making it a present which will final for many years. The box itself is also quite tough and will be used again for storage or being a keepsake package.

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The Precious Giraffe Luxurious Baby gift box comes with a substantial-good quality, hand crafted lush baby giraffe that is certain to you should anybody who obtains it. The hair is delicate and splendid, along with the stitching is restricted and also. The head and the body are proportional, as well as the eyeballs are sizeable and expressive. The entire effect is of the sensible, but still sweet and cuddly, luxurious baby giraffe.

The package the Lovable Giraffe Deluxe Baby Gift Box can be purchased in is also nicely-manufactured. It is created of sturdy cardboard with established corners. The lid suits snugly but is easy to remove very easily, and there is also a generous quantity of cushioning inside to guard the materials. The box can be used as safe-keeping after the giraffe has been eliminated, or it could be maintained as a memento or keepsake container.


The Precious Giraffe Lush Baby Gift Box makes an excellent present for any special occasion when you need to offer an increased-high quality, properly-made Gift which will be treasured for a long time. It’s also gender-natural, so it’s best in the event you don’t be aware of sexual intercourse of the baby or in order to steer clear of pink or light blue Gift items entirely. No matter if you are looking for a baby shower provide, a whole new mom or dad Gift, or perhaps a special something for a person specific in your daily life, this Gift Box is certain to remember to.